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23. September 2009

Global Security Alliance Entertainment Test Lab

Keith Daniels
Erin Sexton Gmackrr
Steve Bates Douglas Moffat
Nelly-Éve Rajotte
G.S.A. Psy-Ops Soundsystem
Michel Langevin Filteau
Hyena Hive

Special Report: Konrad Becker, GSA

Sala Rossa, 4848 Saint-Laurent, Montréal

Portes et Spectacles : 19h00

Global Security Alliance Entertainment Test Lab

"G.S.A. Entertainment Test Lab" works at the intersection of music as controlled restricted sound and raw noise. Beyond finding ways of effective audio-decontamination, the goal is to trigger immunization obtained by processes within the body and the neural system. The sonic methodology is targeted at the cognitive transformation mechanisms and the activation of audio-immunization processes.

Présenté par minute et G.S.A. Presented by minute and G.S.A.
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