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Safe Distance Transcript

Production: US AIR Force

Postproduction: kuda.org, New Media Center, Novi Sad

Safe Distance is a video that was recorded during NATO air strikes against FR Yugoslavia. Videotape shows electronic cockpit of the US Air force plane. There were 4 airplanes flying from NATO-base from Germany to destination in Yugoslavia. Mission objective was to bomb several targets in the area around city of Novi Sad. On the way back, after mission was completed, plane was shot. Tape (Sony Video 8) was found near crashed plane in Fruska Gora Mountain in Srem region. It shows electronic cockpit with basic graphical interface and voice communication between pilots. Videotape is a regular document of flight used by command structures to analyze its efficiency and success after very mission. Tape presents these last moments before plain was crashed...

  magic secure six one
22:55:45 outlaw spades
22:55:55 axe nine one magic
22:55:58 magic axe go
22:56:00 magic be close outlaw spades
22:56:04 axe copies come in come in
22:56:12 axe confirm showing him on the border now heading zone under zero
22:56:16 about ten miles to the eastern border tracking zero six zero
22:56:22 copy
22:56:25 magic show save
22:56:30 nine one magic reset reset friendly
22:56:36 axe copies
22:56:39 dagger three one magic reset
22:56:42 dagger resetting
22:57:13 partnership
23:41:47 hammer two ****
23:41:49 hammer two is that your **** seven o’clock one mile
23:41:59 one
23:42:01 track one **** is breaking up
23:42:07 track seven ****  to someone **** range attack
23:42:13 track two ****
23:42:20 ****  is one attacking I tell you zero by the zero
23:42:29 hammer coming right reference south
23:43:01 hammer one two strike
23:43:21 magic five five picture clearer
23:43:37 ****
23:43:43 ****
23:43:45 track you seven one magic five five reference check
23:43:50 check will be working on target ball two seven ... two nine seven twelve
23:44:04 one there is an aircraft just off to your right side
23:44:09 copy
23:44:39 hammer three at rain god angels at two seven
23:44:48 hammer one naked
23:45:11 hammer one crest in three fifty
23:45:16 hammer three and four are ten-twenty miles off your left ****
23:45:21 one
23:45:25 ****
23:45:29 one say altitude
23:45:31 ace plus sixteen
23:45:39 copy ****
23:45:48 first thirty five ten
23:46:02 hammer one look right
23:46:07 one are you **** to south
23:46:09 that’s correct
23:46:10 copy
23:46:15 three is coming up at zero six zero
23:46:20 gosh.......damn it
23:46:26 guess we will know where Novi Sad is
23:46:28 roger
23:46:33 three and four at ten miles to your six
23:46:37 one
23:46:40 ****
23:46:43 damn
23:47:12 axe on two magnum
23:47:21 is going magnum right to it
23:47:24 ****
23:47:26 **** that’s a magnum that’s a magnum
23:47:33 yes you got it that’s a magnum
23:47:36 five one’s back yet
23:47:38 **** triple “a” right two o’clock low no
23:47:48 hammer three is right to south
23:47:52 one
23:48:08 six two joker
23:48:12 all players beat him he advised fire fight **** active bull’s eye one six zero
23:48:22 six two joker
23:48:29 three magnum magnum track seven one
23:48:35 six point forty is the only one I can see
23:48:48 six one jamaica
23:48:54 hammer two there’s triple “a” on your left eleven o’clock low
23:48:59 who’s got it
23:49:02 hammer two it’s about thirty miles on west one o’clock ten o’clock eleven o’clock
23:49:11 ****
23:49:13 take a poke at it just look at it see if you can see it through the clouds
23:49:17 hammer two they’re not firing anymore
23:49:21 hammer one see them I’m hooking left
23:49:55 **** hammer four target it triple “a” nose
23:50:01 one’s check out three’s checkin’ that direction stand by
23:50:09 ok the first one’s no good hammer three target the southern of those two firing right now the triple “a” that is
23:50:20 eight five two targeted
23:50:29 same five one’s miller time
23:50:33 hammer’s on
23:50:41 hammer three one attack triple “a” **** two thirty
23:50:51 contact missile launch
23:51:00 ****
23:51:17 fake track seven one
23:51:21 go ahead for bate
23:51:23 we understand you guys are touch down I’m standing by your ****
23:51:26 we are ****
23:51:30 copy see ya
23:52:05 hammer two **** hammer three ****
23:52:12 about two, seven, four, thirty four
23:52:20 I got nothing in my pot
23:52:24 ok I’m gonna tell you ten o’clock lookin’ at the last.....last triple “a”
23:52:48 coming left to **** target  for hammer three
23:52:54 hammer one just come left to the cap
23:53:01 magic bate picture
23:53:05 magic five five picture clearer
23:53:14 triple “a” is now at Novi Sad
23:53:27 bate magic five five is cracker seven one on the streak yet
23:53:33 ****
23:53:35 copy stranglemodes and codes
23:53:39 hammer two ****
23:53:41 I’m working
23:54:00 hammer one there’s reference three one zero
23:54:15 hammer four did you see anything
23:54:17 negative
23:54:18 take him on the right **** reference **** maneuvers get some to shoot
23:54:39 ­­­­­­­­****
23:54:43 ****
23:54:45 yeah it looks pretty good ****
23:54:49 speak up
23:54:52 hammer our check was 9.0
23:54:55 two is 9.2
23:54:57 three is 9.6
23:55:00 four is 9.9
23:56:00 hammer one last reference
23:56:02 north
23:56:05 take one two
23:56:13 take one two
23:56:31 crack hammer
23:56:34 ****
23:56:37 we’d like to slow down to the d.i.p.
23:56:43 stand by one we’re getting set up
23:56:58 this is magic five five whoever squawking mode three seven three seven three strangle
23:57:47 hammer three’s got the contact **** right five miles make that seven miles twenty five thousand  stay below him on the way back...****... one passing left
23:58:24 one three vector confirm your reference in the d.i.p.
23:58:31 say it again
23:58:32 are you reference **** four
23:58:35 magic five five
23:58:36 yeah I’m waiting for crack to give us ****
23:58:39 copy
23:58:40 the north ***­* coming left
23:59:40 crack seven one magic five five
23:59:42 magic crack seven one go ahead
23:59:44 yeah on your nose for fifteen miles flight level three one zero my station north
23:59:53 ****
23:59:59 **** extended time
00:00:11 time check time check
00:00:18 all players head on now cross ball in to....out of the “a” war squawk modes and codes extract
00:00:28 hammer three one track seven one eight one
00:00:32 **** call it air three one and say it again
00:00:35 hammer track seven one forty three right b time
00:00:38 roger
00:00:42 crack give me the i.p. time
00:00:45 crack seven one is setting zero zero four plus zero zero four after
00:00:56 hammer
00:00:58 hammer go plus one on that plus two on that crack seven three plus three
00:01:05 hammer
00:01:06 crack seven one pushing now three
00:01:16 hammer pushing
00:01:18 say again frequency three and four
00:01:22 three u pot zero zero six
00:01:25 track seven magic five five **** moving twenty nine zero ****
00:01:34 crack hammer three one is pushing from path free five forty one
00:01:44 he’s afraid of the contact
00:01:49 blocks get air on this little and let’s get an autograph
00:01:55 all players beat by same elements attracting.....three watch revert....hat zero zero six
00:02:02 now we’re still on that uniform
00:02:06 hammer two one check / two / three / four
00:02:15 three get four on our uniform
00:02:18 four is up
00:02:27 whisper four is up
00:02:39 track seven one straight d.i.p.
00:03:49 hammer three check block
00:04:05 hammer two you got **** point forty one I’m sorry hammer three you got it
00:04:10 crack three magnum six cough one zero zero
00:04:46 point forty one will be whether problems
00:04:53 hammer status
00:04:59 hammer two one left to steer six
00:05:07 crack seven three triple “a”
00:05:12 hammer two hammer three there’s triple “a” back in your position
00:05:14 I don’t see it
00:05:17 it’s right below us
00:05:26 hammer status
00:05:28 ok hammer one is going to target that underneath you 
00:05:44 two supported
00:05:51 hammer status
00:05:54 we’re attacking triple ”a” fifteen west ball
00:06:00 ****
00:06:06 one three just continue reference six
00:06:09 yeah you continue to flow
00:06:16 **** we’re passing
00:06:21 hammer three is mud three north
00:06:30 hammer three is defending zero six zero mud
00:06:35 mud three just hit again
00:06:37 hammer one is ****
00:06:40 mud three just take a hit
00:06:42 crack three defending
00:06:44 mud south
00:06:47 ****
00:06:49 engine’s running
00:06:50 copy
00:06:51 I’m headed.....I’m headed west one nine zero
00:06:55 you guys take a hit
00:06:59 shit
00:07:01 ok I got vibrations
00:07:06 hammer status
00:07:08 crack three magnum three tango one, five, four, twenty-four
00:07:14 hammer one brake left
00:07:17 hammer three’s got problems
00:07:19 hammer three’s flown **** correction hammer one’s flown ****
00:07:23 roger hammer three’s got engine problems
unknown hammer ****west
  roger let’s head west I’m taking hit I’ll be getting out of the airplane
  I’m gonna continue to glide as long as I can
  start finding me boys
  I’m gonna shut down the engine I’ gonna try to restart
  hammer this is magic can you give me flash
  unknown location passing 14000 ft
  hammer three ****
  strike hammer flow two four zero
  roger I’m headed two four zero 13000 ft
  hammer three magic bull’s eye positive label
  hammer three
  engine’s definitely quit I’m a glider boys
  passing’ 10000
  two you got three you got me on
  three can you hear me
  got you loud and clear
  roger do you have me on the radar
  hammer three magic five five two six zero twenty miles westbam
  **** alphabet
  negative lost everything
  I’ve got a track from that two five five twenty-two 20000 westbam
  roger I’m at 9000 ft descending
  can you give us your posit from that
  negative I’ve lost everything
  triple “a” off my right three o’clock I’m gonna extend to three one zero
  ok we see that triple “a” a well
  headed left nine o’clock to that
  what’s your position **** the cloud depth from that triple “a”
  I’m just going underneath it now
  ok three’s got a lock
  passing 6000
  say bull’s eye positive able
  bad two thirty his mission position two thirty two for twenty-eight
  I’ve broke lock
  ok say my position now
  now don’t my position anymore
  this is hammer four
  ok boys get a lock on me

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