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World Security Days 2008

The New Security Culture 2008

The Power to Influence Results

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PsyOps Soundsystem World Security Days Vienna

Barneys Friend (mp3, 5.51 Mb)
Let Em Break (mp3, 2.82 Mb)
Layered Deployment (mp3, 4.21 Mb)
Chain of Command (mp3, 7.08 Mb)
Radioheadz (mp3, 4.49 Mb)
Battlestars (mp3, 7.04 Mb)
Freedom Road (mp3, 4.11 Mb)
Purification (mp3, 5.68 Mb)
Boot Down (mp3, 3.64 Mb)
Relief Planning.MP3 (mp3, 6.38 Mb)
Silent Takeover.MP3 (mp3, 5.83 Mb)
Overture Ennoson (mp3, 11.62 Mb)

PsyOps Soundsystem Division Orleans

peacekeeping (mp3, 2.45 Mb)
ahappyfamily (mp3, 7.08 Mb)
public-infiltration (mp3, 4.29 Mb)
networkcentric (mp3, 2.80 Mb)
neuroinvasive (mp3, 3.12 Mb)
enrouting (mp3, 3.48 Mb)
sonarprobe (mp3, 3.00 Mb)
bootcamp (mp3, 3.83 Mb)
micropulse (mp3, 1.16 Mb)
deadstep (mp3, 3.68 Mb)

PsyOps Soundsystem Division Munich

disinformation war (mp3, 3.98 Mb)
advance notice (mp3, 3.40 Mb)
230906_02_47 (mp3, 14.73 Mb)
full compliance (mp3, 3.78 Mb)
mobilization (mp3, 7.21 Mb)
acid raid (mp3, 2.64 Mb)
full spectrum dominance (mp3, 2.82 Mb)
resonance scan (mp3, 2.16 Mb)
the power to influence (mp3, 2.69 Mb)


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