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GSA Cultural Peacekeeping at Liepaja

International Scientific Conference on Espionage Technologies and Art in Latvia

The conference was located in a security zone between the famous Karosta military fortress and the Liepaja navy port. The event was hosted in the admiralties headquarters and started with a warm welcome by the local military PsyOps Command. GSA gave a keynote on The Art of Security with a focus on the latest shadow technologies and the conference continued with exciting new perspectives and case studies regarding the future of espionage art and cultural intelligence. It was a view shared by all experts present that full spectrum dominance in unrestricted warfare an only be achieved with a strong deployment of the artistic arsenal. An excellent showcase on new approaches to espionage technology was presented in parallel at the RIXC Center for Communication and Art in Riga.

GSA Aerial Helicopter Protection

Helicopter Locations

  • Liepaja
  • Karosta 1
  • Karosta 2