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World Security Days

Cultural capital Vienna sets off to new paths in geopolitical security culture: Trendsetting Global Security Alliance Public-Private Partnership

Secure Vienna: Art against terror

Psychological security measures in cooperation with the Vienna Fund for Art in Public Space: Black helicopter shadows at critical points of the city. On the basis of statistic evaluations of the subjective overall feeling of safety 23 public places in Vienna have been selected for urban security interventions. Signs of symbol politics according to "ÖNORM 1436 and psycho-geographical interventions in urban life as confidence-building measures linked to the question: Are you safe? Seen from space, shadow simulations in scale draw patterns in the city, from Viktor Adler Market to Sigmund Freud Park, from Yppenplatz to Praterstern.

In regard to the phantasms of collective perception and consciousness-shaping media technologies in the new safety culture Becker says: "In information and risk societies, art and culture industries assume a determining role of in the new security economy."

"The New Security Culture"

29.05.08 19:00 - Kunsthalle Karlsplatz/ KÖR
On symbol-political strategies in the context of art and definitions of terms in cultural security practice, Sonja Eismann discusses with Brian Holmes (US), Eva Horn (DE), Konrad Becker, Michael Zinganel

Global Security Screening
Global Security Peace Concert:

PsyOps SoundSystem with Z'EV featuring: Tronstoner and ennoson
Global Security Entertainment: Plak, Mess.u, kopfnikaragua, assimilatah

30.05.08 20:00 bis 04:00 - FLUC Wanne

Rückfragehinweis: Gallus Vögel KÖR

+ 43 1 522 1834


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